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The Decluttered Christmas Guide for Everyone

As this holiday season rolled around, my husband and I questioned each other as to what we might want as gifts. As our marriage has added an additional year, it has become increasingly difficult to find the *perfect* gift for each other. We find ourselves with plenty of things but when someone says, 'don't get me anything', we know all too well showing up with nothing on Christmas morning is the wrong move.

I've taken inspiration from a dear friend, Jay - the owner of @the.littlegosling. She is true to lessening her carbon footprint by keeping her closet and home, minimal. In all reality, I find our home with too many things and as the true meaning of Christmas fills our hearts, I find myself wanting nothing more than ... time. This gift guide is for the last person you're waiting to cross off your list because you never know what to get them.


1. Nothing says time like ME time - MASSAGE 

Whether you live close or far, it takes only a few seconds to pull up the nearest spa, filled with a menu of pampering. Check reviews before pulling the trigger. Print off the gift certificate and stick it in an card. Regardless of gender or age, this gift is timeless.



This is a timeless gift for parents, couples, friends, teachers, etc. Regardless of their relationship status, everyone loves a free meal at their favorite place to eat. Take a friend, a pal, a girlfriend, or significant other and get time away from the kids. If you're looking for a steal of deal, Costco sells discounted restaurant gift cards at their warehouse locations.



Nothing gives a mom more time than not having to clean the house. This gift is affordable and very appreciated. Your car lover will also thank you for getting that last crumb stuck in their seatbelt. Detailing can be expensive, but it's another gift that is perfect for anyone who appreciates a clean car.


4. One Less Thing to Pay For - SUBSCRIPTION

Everyone has the frugal friend, sibling or spouse who finds joy in saving $$ for Christmas. This year, give the gift of free Netflix, Hulu, unlimited car washes at a local station, and my favorite - a subscription to a learning class like Masterclass.

5. What I've Always Dreamed of - EVENTS

Buy them a ticket to their favorite musical artist, sporting event, play or gallery. This a gift is great for those who love making memories.


6. Time for Activities - PASSES

Get them an outdoor pass to national parks, their favorite kids museum, indoor trampoline center, zoo, theme park, swimming pool, science center, etc. 



Trips can be expensive, lighten the load and buy a gift card for an AirBnb, a gas card, or plan the trip with everything included. Often times, it's the thought and surprise that counts.


I wish you all a happy holidays and Merry Christmas. I hope this next year is filled with memories and time with those you love, for that is the true meaning of Christmas.