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4 Tips from a Health Coach to be Summer Body Ready

4 Tips from a Health Coach to be Summer Body Ready 

When you think of being “Summer Body Ready” what do you see? Do you see a perfect body? Do you see abs and muscles? Do you see a body rid of stretch marks and what you perceive to be imperfections and/or blemishes? 

In all reality, that isn’t what it means to have a body that is ready for summer. A body that is ready for summer is a tall body, a short body, a young body, an aged body, a smooth body, a tired body, and everything in between. The point being that every single body is ALREADY a summer body. Instead of trying any quick fix approaches to lose weight or think you need to cover up poolside, here are some ways to embrace your body and gain some much-needed confidence.

The first thing you should do is diversify your social media feed. Social media paints an unrealistic picture of what women of the 21st century should look like. Bring realness back into your life. 

Photo by Samuel Lee from Burst

Decide to be BOLD. You only get to experience this summer once; think of all the moments you would be missing out on if you stayed inside or felt ashamed of your body. Put on some clothes that make you feel BRAVE and CONFIDENT. Start small and wear it to the store, then the park, and finally the goal destination.

Create 3-5 affirmations to use in the moments where you start to feel like you are doubting yourself. Affirmations are statements of truth. They generally start with “I am” followed by a statement that you are wanting to manifest into your life. Ex: I am in the process of acceptance. Why do this? The way you think affects the way you feel and eventually the way you behave. By creating a positive thought, you are creating a positive emotion and behavior. 

Remind yourself, you are never asked to be perfect. You were not created to be perfect right now. You are you for an incredibly special reason and your body allows you to create life’s best moments. You only get one, strive to treat it with kindness. 

People believe that “summer body ready” confidence comes from a diet or exercise. (Don’t get me wrong, those can help.) However, confidence is a mindset and when you set aside time to work on the inside, the confidence will shine on the outside. This summer, plan in some time to practice body acceptance and the idea of loving who you are. The good that comes from this, might surprise you! 


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