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3 Steps to a Yummy Pregnancy

3 Steps to a Yummy Pregnancy

When I think ‘Yummy’ I think of all my favorite foods, satisfying meals, energy, and peace. And while you might think “what does peace have to do with yummy”, having guilt free, peaceful meals is key to truly enjoying food. Now if you're also thinking “Wait, they told me I couldn't eat x,y,z” and that I should watch how much I eat and...and…. and…” (and you’re getting tired of the ‘ands’), these steps are exactly what you need.

Macey is a dietitian and nutritionist who empowers Moms everywhere to find what fuels their body, guilt free.
  1. If it sounds good, eat it.

  You might say “well duh” or you might say “But I'll eat alllll the chocolate” either way, this step applies to you! I heard a teenage girl say “Did you know if you’re craving chocolate you should just eat peas?” and honestly, it broke my heart. We learn so young NOT to listen to our cravings because they are “dangerous” or “will lead to weight gain” and then we start to think we should be afraid of what our bodies are telling us. HARD STOP. It's not bad to crave something, and so often in pregnancy and postpartum we are so sick or so stressed that it's hard enough to get ENOUGH to eat let alone be satisfied and content. So if eating some chocolate is going to 1. Get you some calories or 2. Give you some peace, then eat the damn chocolate and move on! Stop over thinking food choices. Then when you give in and start to listen to your body, your body will start (or restart if you want to get technical) communicating with you. 

  1. Listen to your body, and don’t at the same time. 

This one is hard during pregnancy but also super good to start practicing! Your body will tell you what it wants, and if you pay attention it will tell you how well it functions based on what you're feeding it. Crazy right? But your body is your friend (believe it or not) and really does want to work with you! This practice takes time and intentionality but is so worth it! It also helps you add that PEACE to your meals and your LIFE. Insert first trimester (and third trimester… and postpartum) these tend to be times during pregnancy that you are either super sick, super full (like all the time even when you haven’t eaten), or if you’re really lucky BOTH! Sooo how do you listen to your body? This is a time when listening and communicating become a two way street. 

Your body: “We’re full, do not, I repeat, do not eat”

Your mind: “Are you sure? We haven’t eaten very much today… and we got super tired last time we did that… let's have a snack and see how we feel.”

(also no judgement for having a full conversation with yourself)

When we understand pregnancy, nutrition needs, physiological changes (your baby making your stomach super small and therefore suppressing your appetite) we understand that our body isn't telling us it doesn't need food, but rather that it doesn't think it needs food. 

  1. Variety is the spice of pregnancy (and sometimes its not)

Variety is key for multiple reasons; getting a variety of nutrients, keeping you from getting bored, and having multiple options for days when nothing sounds good or you’re crazy sick. This step is also about peace and grace. If you’re having a hard time eating in the first place feel free to let this one go for now. But, on days that you’re feeling more yourself adding in something new can keep your spirits high and your nutrients diverse. This can also be permission to question the standard “no, no’s” during pregnancy. All food comes with risk and deciding what you are comfortable with is completely individual (follow me on IG for more on this). Sometimes these rules are more restricting and limiting than actually helpful. What specifically you add is again up to you, if you’re used to the same meals that adding in one new food a week can be a huge win, but if you’re pretty comfortable with different foods your goal might be completely different! 

You probably never considered having a “Yummy” pregnancy; we tend to be more focused on terms like healthy (still super important), bearable, enduring, “just wait”, and “it will all be over soon”. But pregnancy can be yummy, and peaceful, and even enjoyable! Learning to respect and listen to your body can help you get there! 

Happy Yummy Pregnancy! 

Love, Macey 

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