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5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last for the Long Haul

There's nothing worse than having to throw out your favorite top, jeans or dress because of a simple stain, tear or pilling. Here's 8 ways to give your clothes the life span you deserve. 


1. Avoid high heat

Heat can cause clothing to deteriorate faster and leads to pilling. For best results, air dry your clothing. If you must use a dryer, be sure it's set to the lowest heat setting and use smaller loads for quicker dry time.


2. Use the Right Stain Remover for the Job

Have you seen our reel on how to remove the most common stains? Click here to view it. Simply put, if your stain is oil based, use dawn dish soap and baking soda to remove, if your stain is dirt or fruit based, use Fels Naptha laundry soap bar and for permanent marker or ink stains, use rubbing alcohol!

3. Stop Washing Your Clothes so Much

Sometimes, we over wash our clothing. Cut back on the laundry and only wash what needs to be washed. Does it have a stain? Does it stink? If the answer is no, wear it until the answer is yes. 


4. Zip Zippers, Button Buttons, put Velcro Items in Mesh Bags

To avoid any potential snagging, tears or holes, zip and button bottoms and put any clothing items that have velcro details in mesh bags. We should also include delicates in mesh bags as well!

5. Get to Know Rit

Rit is an all purpose clothing dye. When it comes to black denim, leggings, or tops, its prone to fading. Gather all your faded pieces and dye them back to a vibrant black you'd be proud to wear again. It'll be as new as the day you bought it. Rit also carries various colors and a favorite, Liquid Fabric Whitener to make those whites whiter and colors vibrant.