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What to Wear for Your Next Photo/Video Shoot

What to Wear for Your Next Photo or Video Debut 

Deciding what to wear is one of the most difficult parts of the engagement session planning process. We recommend narrowing down your selections by choosing one casual and one dressy outfit. 

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For your dress look, we recommend long flowing dresses that you can twirl around in. Dresses in solid neutral/muted tones or simple patterns that show texture and movement always photograph beautifully.  Typically, heels are great. However, we recommend wearing shorter heels or dressy flats if you and your fiancé are of a similar height. 

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If your engagement session is taking place during the winter or fall, bring a coat to wear between locations and shots. Bring a pair of flat, comfortable shoes so that you can walk between locations easily. 

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What's most important is wearing something you are confident and comfortable in. Most of our posing involves movement, and that is not so fun when you don't feel great or like yourself. At the end of the day, we want you to have fun and feel like a star! 

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