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Our 3 Favorite Everyday Reusable Beauty Products


Nothing is better than saving money and the planet all at one time. Here are our 3 favorite reusable beauty products that we use every single day.

  1. The Original MakeUp Eraser

Remove makeup effortlessly with this 3,600 use cloth by using just water. This amazing reusable cleaning cloth lasts 3 to 5 years! The OG can be used with makeup remover but works just as well without and takes off just about every makeup product, even waterproof mascara. Machine wash 1-2 times a week. This product is also free of parabens, alcohol, oils, fragrance and sulfates.

LastSwab carries an amazing item that I didn’t even know existed until it came in my Fit Fab Fun box. The swab ends are made of the rubber-like material TPE, and the rod is made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The case comes in two versions and is either made of the plant-based material PLA, or of recycled ocean-bound plastic. LastSwab is tested to withhold up to 1,000 uses and can be easily washed using mild soap and water. The round end removes just about anything a regular cotton q-tip removes while the pointed end is perfect for makeup cleanups. 

Are you guilty of using single use cotton rounds? Here is the solution! Reusable rounds that are made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Soft enough to care for any skin type and the planet! Not to mention, they’re labeled for each day of the week. For each purchase of reusable rounds, The Detox Market will plant a tree. Machine washable. 

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