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The Importance of Self Acceptance

The Importance of Self Acceptance

It can be difficult to accept ourselves for who we are when the world tells us we will never be good enough. It can make us feel weak and destroy our self worth. Despite this, we need to accept ourselves for who we are; the good and the not so good. We need to accept every part including our flaws because it will allow us to love ourselves and become the best version of ourselves.

Until recently, I loathed myself. I thought that if I did not look a certain way, acted a certain way and thought a certain way, I would never be who I was supposed to be. I put myself through so much pain, psychologically, to be someone I was not. However, I discovered that I was miserable trying to become that person. I am Trinity, weirdness and all. I have some flaws but that is okay. I am not nearly as flawed as I thought I was.

I have accepted that I am funny, spontaneous and creative. I have also accepted that I have road rage, I get frustrated easily and I can be a quite spicy. I have accepted these things as a part of who I am. Now that I have accepted all of these things, I can work on my flaws out of love and acceptance for myself rather than loathing."This is the power of self-acceptance; you allow yourself to change for the better when you plant yourself firmly in your present reality and decide to help yourself instead of bury yourself under doubt, criticism, and blame," (Ackerman, Courtney E. "What is Self-Acceptance?"

If we do not accept ourselves but instead shame ourselves, we will not be able to find inner peace and progression. Acceptance is an act of love. Just as you accept your friends/family members for who they are completely, you must do the same for yourself. You are important too! You have to know that because you are. You are worthy of love, happiness, kindness and more. Accept yourself and then love yourself because you are worth it!

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